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$12.00 $20.00

52 Bowman/Topps autographs from 2010 thru 2019!!!

Each Spot purchased is a GUARANTEED AUTOGRAPH!!!  There will be possible:
- base
- inserts
- redemptions
- 1st Autos
- Colored
- Refractor autos

Once all 52 spots are sold, we will break!!!  Each card will be numbered 1-52 and then sealed in a box.  We will randomize the list of entrants & THE LIST OF NUMBERS with a dice roll of 5 or more, giving us an order and card number, like a master list filler.  We will pull each card, one by one, out of the sealed box.  whichever number you are in the order, you will get the card that coincides with your slot. The first card pulled will be labeled as any number 1-52, not necessarily starting with number 1, as they will be mixed up a bit.
You are number 24 after the random.  You will get the card that is pulled and labeled as #24, whenever it gets pulled.

Keep in mind, a break of this magnitude could cost a fortune.  HTA boxes with 3 autos were $180, so that comes out to $60/card...

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