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GearsTV 1080p Jailbroken Firestick

GearsTV 1080p Jailbroken Firestick



GearsTV will be installed, which is currently $15/mo thru our site and I will show you EXACTLY how to get your account set up.
*GearsTV is an extra $15/mo. and is WELL WORTH IT.

THIS IS NOT JUST YOUR NORMAL JAILBROKEN FIRESTICK. GearsTV is exactly what you need and if you go thru Kodi (installed) you will also have a free on screen guide!
You’ll be able to watch two ways: one by just the GearsTV app, and one with a separate guide. I prefer the app myself, as it's super simple to navigate.

These are simple led to set up and run just like a normal firestick. The jailbreak is undetected, so you will have no worries of info stolen.

You’ll need to set up a GearsTV account (I can help you do so) which will be $15/mo, NO CONTRACT, NO AUTO BILLING.

All you have to do is:
1. Plug in your firestick
2. Connect your WiFi
3. Enter your amazon account
4. Let things load for about a minute... scroll to Your Apps and channels>See All
5. Locate the GearsTV App

Kodi is also installed and is brilliant with this build!

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